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Based in Northern Virginia, Tommy is regularly hailed as a rising star in the Washington DC metro area music scene.


Drawing on influences ranging from soulful rock to contemporary pop, his songwriting has been noted for its depth, wit, and stimulating melodies, and his live performances are popular across multiple audiences.
Having performed for over ten years as a solo artist, Tommy also collaborates with several rock and pop groups across the mid-Atlantic region and is regularly sought after as a contributing studio musician. Most recently, Tommy has been working with internationally known songwriter Todd Wright to produce what will become his third catalog of material, slated for streaming release in the second half of 2017.

The son of an Air Force officer, Tommy’s childhood was spent regularly relocating all over the world. This constant exposure to different cultures helped developed a global outlook on art and music, and shaped his style to include aspects from pop, soul, rock, and R&B.


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